April 26, 2010

Caps Off to the Graduates!!

It's that time of year when many of us our sending our little children (not so little anymore) off to the next chapter in their lives. Lucky for me I have one more year before I send my first off to college. However, my brothers and several other teens I know are graduating this year. As we all may have experienced, what do we get for the kid who's leaving home?

My favorite is always resorting to a gift card or a card with cash. How teenagers love cash! If you know what college they are off too a gift card to the college bookstore is best. Then the next step is finding the perfect card.

Well, my June Scrapbooks, etc magazine just arrived and I found my inspiration. In the magazine there is a section with graduation card ideas etc. But, that is not where my inspiration came from it came from the introduction page to the ideas. On this page is a cute graduation cap which appears to be made from paper. I immediately thought to myself wouldn't that be cute if I turned that cap into a gift card holder. So I did and I want to share how I made it with you so you too can make one.

You will need the following items:

1 - 12X12 piece of light weight chipboard
1 - 12X12 piece of patterned paper (school colors)
1 - scrap piece of complimentary paper.
1 - skein of embroidery floss
1 - Bottle of Modge Podge glue
1 - Sponge Brush
1 - Bone Folder
1 - Beacons 3 - 1 glue
1 - Button
1 - Velcro Circle


Cut the chipboard in 2 pieces; 1 - 5X10 piece and 1 - 12X1 1/2
piece. Set the remainder aside for another project. Score the 5X10 piece at the 5" point to make a perfect 5X5 square. Cut your paper into 2 - 5x10 1/4 pieces of paper and 1 - 2X 12 piece. It will be a little longer than the chipboard, this is to allow slack for the bend (you can cut any excess later). Lightly cover the 1st square with Modge podge, press your paper and smooth with the bone folder. Repeat until all 4 sections are covered. You will then take the 12" piece of chipboard and wrap with the remaining 12" piece of paper. This will only cover one side and be enough to fold over the other side by 1/2". Staple the 12" piece of chipboard into the shape of a circle and then adhere your circle to the bottom of the 5X5 card with the beacons glue, hold long enough for it to set.

Make a tassel from the embroidery floss and adhere to the top of the hat with a button. When adhering the button make certain the tassel is hanging over the creased edge of your hat. It gets in the way when opening the card if its hanging from any of the other sides. I liked the rounded button better then the one with holes in it however, you can use whichever one you like. Place the Velcro dot on the inside of the card at the edge of the flap to hold the card closed. On the left flap I adhered a pocket made from scrap paper and with a chalk writer pen I inscribed "Class of 2010" then placed my gift card in the pocket. On the right flap I adhered a Graduation Poem I found from the Internet and printed it on white paper (distressed the edges). Finally the project is complete and it took approximately 45 minutes from start to finish to have the best custom made gift card holder for this years grads.

Have fun making yours for your favorite graduate and don't forget to sign your card.