February 23, 2010

Ranger Mat Meets St. Patricks Day

Recently I purchased a Ranger craft mat and was having trouble traveling with it and not bending it up. I asked my friend, "catinthegrass" how she totes hers around in her scrap bag and she said she uses an empty toilet paper roll to keep it from unrolling during transport. What a genius idea!!! Why didn't I think of that?

I began using the toilet paper roll and realized it was reminding me of the one thing we all dread. Walking into the bathroom to find the roll was left empty only for me to change it out for a new roll while doing the potty dance. So, I needed to make my roll a little more appealing and less of a horrible reminder. I decided I would alter it but, I can not stop at just one roll. I will need one for every holiday. At least that is the plan for now. Who knows I may get sick of making them after the third or fourth one.

So the alterations to the toilet paper roll begin. With my new S.E.I paper pack "Pistache" just arriving in the mail I have found my inspiration. Good timing S.E.I! This paper pack is great because it covers many holidays plus it has other amazing coordinating sheets. Why not kill two birds with one stone, part of this upcoming Scrap Agains challenge from the embellishment table is to use green flowers, buttons ribbons and brads. I am well on my way to finishing one of this months design team projects.

Below are the pictures that show the before and after of my Ranger Mats first new friend aside from me, the one who abuses it!

I used the following products to complete this project. One toilet paper roll, a 6 X12 piece of S.E.I (Pistache) paper, yellow ribbon to hide the paper seam, two green flowers and buttons, green embroidery floss and a chipboard tag. I then added the word "Lucky" to the tag with a Sharpie pen.