January 23, 2010

Overcoming Fear of Electronics

For a couple years now I have been wanting to introduce my sewing machine to my scrapbook pages. However two things were holding me back, the only machine in the house is my daughters quilting machine and I was afraid I would make a disaster of a great layout. Don't worry it's not a high end machine but she uses it when my mom, my aunt and her get together to make charity quilts.

So time continues to go by and I see all these great layouts my friends have made or I find on other blogs sites that have sewing as an embelishment. And like my dog who drewls over things she wants I too find myself drooling (Ha Ha) for some pages in my book to have a little machine stitching on them.

Awhile back I purchased on of those "Sew Crafty Mini Machines" and thought I would give that a go first. About 4 weeks ago I pulled the machine out and and attempted to sew on some scrap paper. Well lets just say the machine does not do what I wanted however, it is a great paper piercer. Guess that little machine is finding a new home, in my next donation box.

Finally, last week while my daughter was away I snuck in her closet and pulled out her machine. Set it all up and then I went to town on scrap paper first. Of course I went from a moment of anxiety to oh my this is so much fun!!!! I pulled out a page I scrapped about 5 months ago that I felt needed stitching and I began to introduce the scarry machine to my scrapbook pages. It's not perfect but it is a learning process in progress and I'm so glad I finally did it. In time I will get better as I get used to the machine and the speed. In the mean time I remind myself there is never a mistake in the world of art only an opportunity.

Check out my stitched layout. Another little fear overcome, yeah!!!

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  1. Love this...maybe next we can get you to sew your own curtains!